` Balandin Group

Visiting Researcher

Denis Nika

Phonon Optimized Engineered Materials (POEM)

Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL)


  • Nanostructures and Devices
  • Phonon Transport
  • Thermal Transport

900 University Ave.

Riverside, CA 92521




Moldova State University, Maldova

Ph.D. Theoretical and Mathematical Physics


Denis L. Nika is a Chair of Iu. Perlin Department of Theoretical Physics and a Head of E. Pokatilov Laboratory of Physics and Engineering of Nanostructures at the Moldova State University, Republic of Moldova. He received his PhD (2006) degree in Theoretical Physics from the same university. As a Visiting Researcher he worked at the University of Antwerp, Belgium; Institute for Integrative Nanosciences, Dresden, Germany; and Nano-Device Laboratory, University of California – Riverside, USA. His research interests are in physics of nanostructures, focusing on phonon and thermal transport in graphene; multi-band theory of electrons and holes; exciton and impurity states. He was awarded twice the honorary title of The Best Young Scientist of the Republic of Moldova. He has over 80 technical journal publications, 6 reviews and 4 book chapters.