The MRS Medal for discovery of graphene thermal properties

Dr. Alexander Balandin

The first room temperature charge-density-wave devices and all-metallic GHz switches based on 2D materials

Applied Physics Letters (2021)

Nature Nanotechnology (2016)

The first studies of the noise of magnons in spintronic devices and antiferromagnetic semiconductors

Advanced Electron Materials (2021)

Applied Physics Letters (2019)

Phonons and spin-lattice coupling in antiferromagnetic materials

ACS Nano (2020)

Applied Physics Letters (2017)

Dr. Alexander Balandin is The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow
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Charge-density-wave quantum devices – fast, robust and low-power

Applied Physics Letters (2021)

Nanoscale (2019)

Research in advanced materials and devices

Tekwam Geremew

Dr. Alexander Balandin is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Applied Physics Letters

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Brillouin-Mandelstam spectroscopy: probing GHz acoustic phonons

Dr. Fariboz Kargar

Raman optothermal technique developed by Balandin's group for 2D materials

ACS Nano (2020)

Nature Materials (2011)

Nature Materials (2010)

Dr. Alexander Balandin is a recipient of the IEEE Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology. He is recognized as the Highly Cited Researcher according to Clarivate Analytics.

Dr. Alexander Balandin received The Brillouin Medal award from the International Phononics Society

State-of-the-art low-frequency noise laboratory – Electronic noise as the signal and sensing parameter

Nano Letters (2018)

Nature Nanotechnology (2013)

Record-high current densities in 2D and 1D van der Waals materials

Electron Device Letter (2018)

Nano Letters (2018)

Nanofabrication of quantum devices

Jonas Brown

Visible and UV micro-Raman spectroscopy: from ultra-low to high wave numbers

Zahra Nataj

 UC Riverside Nanofabrication Cleanroom Facilities

Ultra Materials for a Resilient, Smart Electricity Grid