Graduate Student Researcher

Ruben Salgado

Phonon Optimized Engineered Materials (POEM)

Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL)


  • Nanostructures and Devices
  • Thermal Interface Materials

900 University Ave.

Riverside, CA 92521

Tel: (951) 827-1012



University of California, Riverside

B.Sc. Material Science


University of California, Riverside

M.Sc. Material Science


Ruben Salgado received his BS (2014) and MS (2016) degrees Cum Laude in Material Science and Engineering, with a focus in electronic and magnetic materials, from the University of California – Riverside (UCR). He joined Professor Balandin’s Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) in 2012 as an Undergraduate Researcher working on development of novel materials for thermal management systems of lithium-ion batteries and state-of-the-art microprocessors. He participated in investigation of thermal properties of nanostructured magnetic and graphene materials. He has interned as a Materials Researcher at the Wright Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory and as a Packaging Engineer at the Bourns, Inc. His current research focus is on nano-fabrication and characterization of electronic devices based on low-dimensional materials.