Laboratory Safety NDL & POEM

At NDL and POEM Center, we take safety seriously. All group members are required to pass safety training before being allowed to work in the laboratories. The group has two safety coordinators, Sriharsha Sudhindra and Zahra Barani, who oversee compliance of the laboratory facilities' safety rules by other group members. If you have any safety related questions or concerns, please contact Sriharsha or Zahra. If the issue is not resolved, please contact Professor Balandin by email or phone.

To report time-sensitive problems directly to facilities, call 2-4214 during business hours and 2-4267 after business hours. To report ECE department-specific safety issues, email ECESafety[at]

Safety Officers

Sriharsha Sudhindra

Zahra Barani

UC Riverside Safety Resources

All group members are required to pass safety training and study safety related documents available at UCR Learning Center web-site.

The required Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Fire Prevention Plan (FPP), and Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) can be accessed via the NDL-POEM Safety Resource.

External Resources Related to Laboratory Safety

Guide to Implementing a Safety Culture

This guide is a roadmap for a university-wide effort to strengthen a culture of research safety. It has action steps, and recommendations to help navigate the challenge of changing the culture of the institution.

Safety Initiative

This page is an example of how safety rules are becoming embedded into various departments’ culture.