Graduate Student Researcher

Subhajit Ghosh

Phonon Optimized Engineered Materials (POEM)

Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL)


  • Nanostructure Materials and Devices
  • Electronics and Optoelectronics

900 University Ave.

Riverside, CA 92521

Tel: (951) 827-1012



West Bengal University of Technology

B.Sc. Electronics and Communication Engineering


University of Illinois, Chicago

M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering


Subhajit Ghosh received his B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering (2013) from West Bengal University of Technology in Kolkata, India and his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2017) from University of Illinois at Chicago. During his M.S. schooling, he conducted research on functional nanoscale devices based on 1D and 2D nanomaterials focusing on oxide nanowires and completed his Master's thesis titled “Vanadium Oxide Nanowire Functional Devices”. He joined Prof. Balandin’s research group in Fall 2018 where he is pursuing his PhD in Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) as a graduate student researcher. His research interests include synthesis and characterization of nanostructure materials and fabrication of nanoscale devices for potential electrical and optoelectronics applications.